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In 2005, China's exports on the whole national economy as a major bright spot, having a total value to achieve 762 billion U.S. dollars, up 28.4 percent. And watches the predicament however it falls short of exports, more than the years by curbing growth within a row, table clocks and have unique levels of export decline. As outlined by customs statistics, in 2005 bell and bell components exports 629.six million U.S. dollars, up 0.51 % decline, in which the mechanical clock export volume fell 25.14 % and exports fell 14.17 percent. Tables and Table components exports 1,289,900,000 U.S. dollars, fell 5,29%, with all the quantity of mechanical watch exports fell 39.58 percent and exports dropped 12.18 % year-on-year; electronic watches export volume fell 14.28 percent and exports fell 4.68 percent. There are not counted replica watches market place.

Seeking ahead and predict the future improvement prospects of our watches, we make judgments and conclusions are "not optimistic."

Consequently, in an effort to boost the future improvement with the watch industry to boost its competitiveness inside the sector larger and stronger nation watches, mostly on the following elements: to enlarge and strengthen China's national brands of watches and clocks, watches brands to create China's "aircraft carrier."


1st, financial globalization inside the world market nowadays, watches from the industry's competitiveness in export of goods, export of capital to enter the output stage on the brand. China clocks to watches inside the world market place leader, not a group or numerous internationally well-known brand ring David Card will not work. In recent years, Guangdong and Shenzhen as the representative with the nation watches the fast development of industrial brands, produced remarkable achievements. Especially Rossini, based on Bo, Fiyta, kings along with other well-known brand's rise led the South, and China as a entire watch market as a whole grade level and has greatly enhanced with the planet watches to shorten the gap between developed nations . Shandong Yantai Polaris watches and clocks market groups around the "play resource advantages, and promote brand strategy, and strive to improve the general image of Shandong watches and strength" goals, such as watches Polaris Group attached good value to establish a sound trademark management technique, to type an efficient operational mechanism brand and to bring the trademark management progressively moving towards standardization, "Polaris" brand advantages in play.


To allow the export of watches and clocks are no longer controlled by other people, in recent years, many enterprises started to watch the establishment in the domestic marketing and advertising network program spend focus to, one example is, Polaris watches exports via integrated production and sales channels as well as all elements of personnel sources, to rationalize the technique of foreign trade and exports to offer complete play towards the "North Star" brand export advantages, with international brands to make circumstances for competition.


Secondly, as China's foreign trade and exports for many years on the list of important drawbacks, no rules, vicious competition, playing the "price war" the situation of cumulative, it is actually essential to solve the problem, not an easy job. However the value system isn't straightened out, the Chinese watch market it is tricky to healthier and stable development. Shandong is China's wooden bell key production and export base, the annual production and export of wooden bell accounted for much more than half on the globe, but exports of playing the "price war" problem can also be extremely critical, damaging the wooden bell all of the interests of producers to produce low-profit enterprises , non-profits and even losses. Within this regard, "North Star" choice when a "leader", starting this year to take the lead inside the domestic and foreign trade of wood solutions mechanical clock complete price tag.


Not surprisingly, we wish to market exports, enterprises have a great deal operate to become carried out. By way of example, to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, the improvement company's core technologies; strive to improve item high-quality, to create products made watches; do a good job of adjusting the item mix to adapt to marketplace changes; do a very good job staff developing, the introduction and cultivation of talents and so on.


China watches sector crisis and forward-looking